Tips to Design a Certificate in MS Word

You may have received different certificates in excellence of your performance in your educational career or may be in your employment career. Certificates are offered by trusted organizations to match identity of a person with a method for others to verify that identity. Certification also secures communications. These certificates are offered for different purposes like:

  • Employee of the Month
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Training Certificate
  • Internship Certificate
  • Experience Certificate

Certificates can be prepared using convenient computer applications such as MS Word. But you might find it hard to customize certificate as per your particular needs. Such situation leads to search for quality Certificate Templates that can be ready after inserting your own text into it. If you are interested in creating certificate by your own, here are few designing tips that will help you knowing how a certificate can be designed using MS Word?

  • When you open MS Word, you are initially required to set layout of your document file as most documents run horizontally. You are required to change orientation of this page to the Landscape. Follow “File → Page Setup → Landscape”. You can set here margin settings too.
  • To design your certificate quickly, just adding a page border will lead you towards your goal. Set the text of your page in center of page and move on. To have this setting, follow “Format → Borders and Shading → Page Border”. Going in Page Border tab will open lots of drop down boxes with options to choose from. You can choose your desired borders from here.
  • If you find that none of built in borders suits your certificate, you can use your own border. Adding this border as watermark will add a superb look to your document. To watermark your border, “Format → Background →Printed Watermark”. In this dialogue box, you have to click on picture watermark radio button and then select picture button. Search your desired image from PC and use it as border.
  • Lastly, it comes to add your certification text. When you insert a text box, you may find that borders and shading may have applied on it. To remove filling and outlines of this text box, select your text box and follow “Format → Text box”. A dialogue box will open colors and lines tab, you can remove lines and colors from here. Now add text in this text box and make it sure that border of your certificate is not getting disturbed as well as is visible behind your text. You can adjust here text according to space of your document.
  • Once you have inserted text in your certificate, it is now ready to print. You can take as much prints as you want. Save this file in your PC in order to use it in future whenever needed.

Hopefully, above tips will definitely prove helpful in making your certificate quickly and effectively. No doubt, one’s own creativity and better knowledge of MS Word can bring more creativity in certificate creation but you can get your hands on certificate templates to bypass this time consuming learning curve..