Wanted Poster Template

Wanted poster is typically used by police department to trap criminals. These posters are related to cowboys found in the old West in past times. Different types of contents are added on these posters for the convenience of general public. Usually police department add details of criminal, reward for catching the criminal dead or alive. Wanted posters are often used by business organizations to find an appropriate person, vehicle or guard dogs etc. These posters are designed for important purposes therefore it is necessary to design them with proper care without making any mistake. These posters should be free from any formatting and designing errors because any mistake can kill the basic purpose of wanted poster designs.

Wanted Poster Template

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Designing

Wanted Poster is an important poster therefore it is necessary to be careful while designing it. Today I will share some common mistakes of wanted poster designs that should be avoided while designing:

Typing and Spelling Errors

Contents are the most important part of wanted poster therefore it is necessary to be careful while typing important details about criminal. Any spelling error or typo can keep you away from your required person because sometimes people identified criminal with their specific name instead of photos and any mistake can decrease the readability of your poster.


It is necessary to prepare a rough sketch of contents and get them checked by some authorized persons to avoid any kind of misinformation. If you are providing sketch of required person on the poster then it is necessary to write other details accurately to access right person in short period of time.

Use of Graphics and Color Combination

Background colors and graphics are important part of wanted poster design. Since wanted poster is an official poster so try to use soft colors and plain background to increase the visibility of contents. Any kind of gradient, loud colors or sharp graphical background can deteriorate your all efforts because these all elements can distract the attention of reader. Use plain background and soft colors to keep contents of wanted poster design visible.

Placement of Images

Placement of images is very important because only images can grab the attention of people. Sometimes designers locate images in the top or bottom corner that is not good because images in middle can force someone to stop and read the poster. The image should be large and clear enough so that the reader can easily recognize the face of criminal.

Size and Type of Font

Size and type of font is another factor that can increase or decrease the readability of wanted poster. It is necessary to use simple and easy to readable fonts with accurate size and use different colors to highlight the important contents but do not forget to consider background color while selecting font colors. Keep your font size large enough according to the size of your poster to facilitate people of different visions. It will be helpful for you to search your required person.

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